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Introducing Ranked Gameplay and Matchmaking to Golf

Play 1v1 Matches Nationwide—Instantly!

How CompetiGolf Works

CompetiGolf revolutionizes the way you experience golf. We're flipping the script on traditional golf gameplay. With CompetiGolf, your rounds become exciting 1v1 matches against players from across the nation. Using our unique matchmaking system, you're paired with opponents of similar skill levels, ensuring every match is an exhilarating challenge. 

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Playing Course in Georgia


Playing Course in Arizona

Matchmaking Made Easy

Get seamlessly paired against players of similar skill levels and course conditions, CompetiGolf makes finding opponents and climbing the ranks a breeze.

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Real-Time Score & Shot Tracking

Say goodbye to manual scorekeeping and hello to effortless score & shot tracking. Enjoy real-time score updates and live leaderboards, connecting you with your opponent’s progress.

Track scores & shots without picking up your phone

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Climb the ranked ladder

Live leaderboards

Behind the Tracking Magic

Witness the seamless automation as your shots are effortlessly detected and your scorecard updated in real-time. Explore your precise GPS-mapped shots and stay in the competition loop with live leaderboards, bringing the magic of advanced golf tracking to your wrist.

Automatically detects swing and updates scorecard


GPS locations of each shot you've taken


Live leaderboard to check standings

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